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Nestled into the Blue Ridge mountains Of Buncombe County near Asheville, North Carolina lies the historic town of Weaverville. Stroll down Main Street and you may wander into this working pottery studio. As you step into the gallery you’ll see displays of pitchers, teapots, and tableware next to hand built vases, ceramic furniture and banjos. Beyond the wares are craftsmen hard at work. Potters Rob and Beth Mangum continue a creative tradition started by Rob’s parents over thirty years ago.

All of the work represented on this website and in their gallery was made in the studio by Rob and Beth and their production assistants Erin Janow, Laura Keyes, and Rob and Beth's daughter, Leah Mangum. Wheel thrown items are all made by Beth and Erin. Our other items are slab built and individually crafted by Rob, Leah, and Laura. All of the mixed media furniture, art, and instrument pieces are hand built by Rob in our studio and in his wood shop adjacent to our kiln room. Glazing and firing is done by all. The firing is done in electric and natural gas kilns. To see some of Rob's older work go to the Archives page.

Main street Weaverville has a lot to offer. The dining alone is surprising for such a small downtown. There is the Well Bred Bakery with its eclair as big as your head. Jack of Hearts is a favorite pub, serving lots of Asheville's local beers. The Glass Onion, next door to Mangum Pottery, is one of the Asheville areas finer restaurants. Blue Mountain Pizza is now brewing their own beer, and Rob is making pottery tap handles for them.

If you're going to stay in Weaverville we have a few B&B's. There's the Inn On Main Street and the Dry Ridge Inn. The Wysteria Inn is a cozy events center on Main Street for weddings and the like.

Erin Janow making pottery
Laura Keyes making pottery
Click and drag around inside to take a virtual tour of Mangum Pottery Studio and Gallery and downtown Weaverville in Google Maps Street View.
Erin Janow pulling handles at Mangum Pottery.
Laura Keyes forming pasta dishes in the studio.