In the Asheville area pottery scene for 39 years.

Pottery bowls Asheville, NCWheel thrown Pottery Bowls for serving, mixing, and daily use. Mangum Pottery studio in Western North Carolina has a long tradition of making high quality stoneware that is durable, food safe and made for everyday use. The bowls are wheel-thrown, with a shape that maximizes the volume for it's size, and stacks well.


Soup Bowls in Springtime
Soup Bowl
From $32.00
Small Bowl in Sapphire Glaze
Small Bowl
Pasta Bowl in Chautauqua Glaze
Pasta Bowl
From $56.00
Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl
Lotus Bowl in Green Matte
Lotus Bowl
Medium Bowl Set in Green Matte
Bowl Set
$151.20 $168.00
Large Bowl Set Multi Glaze
Large Bowl Set
$181.80 $202.00
12 sided Bowl in Green Matte
12 Sided Bowl
Boat Bowl in Autumn Glaze
Boat Bowl
Geode Vessel
Geode Vessel
From $175.00