In the Asheville area pottery scene for 39 years.

Mugs from Weaverville, NCMangum Pottery studio in Weaverville, NC has a long tradition of making high quality drinking vessels. The mugs are wheel-thrown with a hand pulled handle. All aspects of functionality are taken in to consideration in the crafting of a comfortable fit. Mangum Pottery's stoneware is durable, food safe and made for everyday use.

Mugs and Cups

Mug in Chautauqua Glaze
12 oz. Mug
From $46.00
Juice Cup in Springtime Glaze
Juice Cup
Pint Mug in Green Matte Glaze
Pint Mug
From $52.00
Goblet in Autumn Glaze
Wine Goblet
From $56.00
Smaller Mugs in Green Fern, Green Dot, Green Stripe, and Green Bullseye Glaze
8 oz. Mug
Large Mug in Blue Ridge Glaze
Large Mug
Highball Cup in Green Matte with Dot Glaze
Tumbler in Autumn Glaze
Mangum Pottery Gift Card
Gift Card
From $25.00