In the Asheville area pottery scene for 39 years.

Ceramic Furniture

Rob Mangum began making pottery furniture when he and Beth started their studio in Raliegh, NC in 1989. Rob has a wood shop in the back of their Weaverville pottery studio, near Asheville, NC. In the late '70s and early '80s, Rob's father, Rob Sr., had a woodshop adjacent to Bet's pottery studio. Rob Jr. grew up with access to both the wood shop and the pottery shop in the Sparta, NC studio, and also the educational studios when the family went down to study at the John Campbell Folk School.

These are some of Rob's Ceramic and Mixed Media Tables and other furniture

 Queen Ann-imal Table

Queen Ann-imal Table (stoneware)


Coffee Table

Multi-glazed Coffee Table with cherry




 Stoneware Grandfather Clock with live edge walnut and ebony


Bench with walnut branch legs, Chautauqua glaze


Cross-vault table in Chautauqua glaze. Rob's first ceramic furniture design, and still one of our most popular.


Memphis style Sqiggle-legged table


Three tile console table with ceramic drawer, live edge walnut legs


Chain drive Grandfather clocks with ceramic weights, live edge walnut (L), Live edge sourwood (R)


Banjo clock, stoneware, walnut, quartz movement


Keyhole clock with walnut pendulum


Garden Bench. Stoneware with wood interior frame.


Victorian Console Table with walnut legs


Handmade grandfather clock

Handcrafted Ceramic Grandfather clock

Grandfather Clock, stoneware face, bob, capital and base, walnut body, ebony hands, spring-driven movement with Bim-Bam chime


Queen Ann-imal pendulum clock with walnut and curly maple


Equilateral Triangle Table in Black and Teal glaze


Drawer detail from a Three-tiled console table



Memphis-style Squiggle-legged Grandfather clock, weight driven movement. Balanced Asymetry Grandfather clock, spring driven movement


Victorian Console Table with whiskey-jug glaze and walnut legs


Demi-lune Console Table, Green matte, walnut


Bench with walnut branch legs


Right Triangle Tables in Black and Teal glaze


Shield clock in Chautauqua glaze with quartz movement



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